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Fishing Report

Summer 2012

July 02nd

Well anglers, it has been an extremely hot and humid start of July. Some of our local rivers and creek systems are at 'dangerous' water temps and the fish have become stressed and lethargic for the most part. If you plan on fishing for trout bring your thermometer and remember that lethal temps for brown trout will start at about 75 degrees. If you find some cooler temps please still remember to gracefully land your fish and place your catch back quickly if practicing catch and release so that your fish has a fair chance to survive. Please remember to practice good etiquette out there and give your fellow angler plenty of room to fish the water or ask him or her if you can fish upstream or down stream from their fishing area. Hopper season is here and that means BIG bugs and perhaps BIG Fish! Try targeting the banks near tall grass that hoppers often fall from while jumping or flying to new vegetation or fall victim of wind currents forcing them in the river or creek. Best of action out there this Michigan season!