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Fishing Report

Pre-Spring 2013

March 06th

March is here folks and that means more migratory steelhead entering the river system as pre-spawning fish. This is a great Month here in Michigan for steelhead fishing and as the water warms these steelhead will become active and start locating gravel areas for spawning. Its often a good idea to fish around the spawning beds or redds as they are called so that these fish can concentrate their efforts on their annual spawning ritual. Fish on redds become easy targets for anxious anglers and most of us here in Southeast Michigan enjoy the strikes and hook-ups in water that holds fish that you may not be able to see. Flies are the ticket for this month as many aquatic insects become active again and egg patterns will produce more consistently as well. Please remember that March can be a busy time on your favorite waters and fishing pressure can increase, so give plenty of room to your fellow angler out there and good etiquette is always the better approach. For more tips, techniques and general fishing information feel free to join the Woodland Rivers Forum. There is a link to the WR Forum on this web site. Have a safe and wonderful March season and remember to practice catch and release as often as you can! Regards, Kip

Winter 2013

February 11th

The fishing has been very hit or miss on our local rivers this winter and areas up north have been flashy as of late but spring is quickly approaching and that means potomodromous steelhead migrating inland and trout getting the active bite going again. Our local systems have seen some good stonefly hatches for the months of January and February and the weary fish in the system have been keying in on the these macro invertebrates such as the stonefly , scuds and mayflies. Look for a good winter thaw followed by temps above freezing mixed with overcast skies and you may have a most wonderful day! ry moving around out there and fishing tailouts and transitional water that holds these winter steelhead and change up flies often as these fish can become educated with increased angling pressure. Try to practice Catch and Release as often as you can since these migratory fish will undergo multiple spawning rituals. Methods that have been working for our local water ways are light line nymphing with or without indicators for trout and steelhead,chuck n' duck and of course for the challenge of the sport some anglers are producing on swung flies as the water warms a bit and the players show themselves. As for up north, swinging flies and indicator fishing has been the trend and some nice chrome fish have been coming to hand with properly swung flies and subtle indicator rigs. Best of action out there these winter months and we wish you well!

Summer 2012

July 02nd

Well anglers, it has been an extremely hot and humid start of July. Some of our local rivers and creek systems are at 'dangerous' water temps and the fish have become stressed and lethargic for the most part. If you plan on fishing for trout bring your thermometer and remember that lethal temps for brown trout will start at about 75 degrees. If you find some cooler temps please still remember to gracefully land your fish and place your catch back quickly if practicing catch and release so that your fish has a fair chance to survive. Please remember to practice good etiquette out there and give your fellow angler plenty of room to fish the water or ask him or her if you can fish upstream or down stream from their fishing area. Hopper season is here and that means BIG bugs and perhaps BIG Fish! Try targeting the banks near tall grass that hoppers often fall from while jumping or flying to new vegetation or fall victim of wind currents forcing them in the river or creek. Best of action out there this Michigan season!