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Fishing Report

June On The Fly

June 25th

June started off fairly cool and now we are experiencing very warm ambient temps and water temps and the fish are somewhat lethargic the end of June here but the fishing can still be quite good. Please be careful when catching and releasing trout with water temps above 70 degrees. Look for caddis, baetis, yellow salllys, sulphurs, cahils, midges, stones and terestrials such as ants and beetles to bring a fish or two up to the surface. Morning and afternoon nymphing or fishing with emergers can be quite deadly the month of June and some larger trout have been found by changing nymphing techniques and the willing to walk or cover a lot of water angler are returning good dividends. Best of action out there and stay cool!

May On The Fly

June 25th

The trout fishing on our local creek and river system has been very good and the stockings on the Upper C has produced some quality fish to target. We received a good stocking the Month of March and in April and these fish have quickly adapted to their quatic environment. Mayflies,midges and scuds have been their main diet. The Gilchrist strain and Wild Rose strain appear to be cohabitating quite well and the rainbows are finding their way to riffles and seams. This 20 plus inch Wild Rose Strain was caught the later part of this month on the upper C and fell to a bead head pheasant tail. Enjoy your local waters and destination ones as well and please practice catch and release just as often as you can! 

April on the Fly

June 25th

April was a tough month on the lower Clinton for our Migratory steelhead as we had much rain and high water and most fish appeared to be spawning in February and early March as the water temps became ideal. The trout opener on the Paint Creek proved to be fairly good although again high water. Many anglers tried their skills and luck for brown and rainbow on the last Saturday of April. Here is a pic of a nice brown that fell to a streamer!