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Fishing Report

April / May 2017

May 22nd

The Trout opener was a complete success here locally in Rochester Hills, MI. A good amount of anglers were enjoying the trout fishing opportunities on our local trout fishery the last Saturday in April this season. Many anglers were practicing Catch & Release and were capturing and releasing brown trout up to 16 plus inches. The season continues to unfold with good fishing and the insect activity has started up here well for the month of May with caddis, midges, blue-winged olives, March browns and some sulphurs now starting to sporadically hatch. The creek has been relatively low for the month of May but with the recent end of May rain fall, the system has recharged and has given more depth for trout in their desired habitat. Its really good to see folks enjoying the resource and being sportsman like and conscious still of the fragility of our fishery. The creek will be open as a designated Trout stream until the last weekend of September this year. Below are some pics of some nice trout caught and released this season thus far. Enjoy the season anglers!

May 2014

May 07th

The annual trout opener was a successful one for many local anglers and the weather here in SE MI was close to perfect. Not many bug hatches as of yet but the early day streamer fishing with nymphing proved to be productive. Many fish were caught the opening weekend of this April 2014 and many were caught and released for future angling. Enjoy your spring and summer fishing and stay safe out there. Here are some trout caught during the Michigan opening weekend:


Spring 2014

April 10th

Been a long winter here in MI and the steelhead have finally begun their upstream migration. Pictured here is a local buck caught in March of 2014. Enjoy the MI spring season!